Guess what? Even hard core riders and racers aren’t alway proficient at fixing their bike in an emergency. At several cross country mountain bike races in 2003 and 2004 Jen saw women walking their bikes back to the finish area. Why? Because they had a flat or a broken chain and were not prepared to fix it. They might have had the tools but getting it fixed was another story. Since then Jen has seen multiple recreational riders walking with their bike or asking some guy to help them out. OK, Jen has also relied on her husband a little too much!

Those experiences spawned the idea to create kits for women that include all the tools you need and Step-by-step instructions with pictures. Jen applied her background in the training industry to the development of betty bike gear. If you want someone to succeed on a new task you need to supply them with training… right? But training (i.e that bike maintenance class you took a year ago) is unlikely to stick if you don’t practice. And how many women do you know that want to spend Friday night in their garage tearing apart a tire? Adults are likelier to succeed, with or without formal training, if they have clear job aides and the right tools. So before you ride off…grab your betty bike kit!

Jen Charrette: head betty

Jen graduated from Florida State University with a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design (What is that? Basically two years learning how to teach adults to learn). After spending five years racing the local and national cross country mountain bike circuit Jen now enjoys hitting the local trails with her husband Randy, spending time with her toddler, and working on betty bike gear so she can escape her corporate job!